Structure of the Nursery

The nursery is divided into two main areas.

 0-2 years

The baby room at Bluebirds is situated upstairs.  It is a bright and welcoming room, which can be divided into different areas for different activities.  We can accommodate 12 babies in the room.  The ratio of staff to babies is 1:3. 

The staff in the baby room are qualified and/or experienced and are able to encourage the babies through their early stages of development.  Each baby is allocated a "key person" who is responsible for settling the baby in and documenting their development. 10 (2)

The routine in the baby room is adaptable to suit the individual needs of the young baby.  Craft or messy play is offered each day - including sand, water, and Playdoh.  The toddlers have the opportunity to play outside each day (weather permitting). Parents are asked to supply nappies and wipes and any creams required.  Parents are also asked to supply their baby's dry formula in its original container and this will be made by the staff for the baby as of when needed. The nursery will supply every other meal for your baby during their time with us.

Prior to your baby starting in the baby unit, you will be offered two or three short sessions.  This is normally in the week leading up to their start date.  The first is for you and your baby, for you to get to know the staff who will be looking after your baby and to go through their daily routine and likes/dislikes. The second one is for your child to get used to the nursery environment.  If the senior member of staff feels a third visit would be beneficial, a convenient time will be arranged.

2-5 years

Downstairs we have three separate rooms.  One room is for our 2 year olds and the second room for our 3 year olds. The third room is used by both groups for arts and crafts, messy play, dinning and so on.

toddler's room pic

A wide range of toys, puzzles and games are available and changed regularly.  Activities downstairs are based on a weekly theme taken from observations on the children during play.  The aim is to develop the children's knowledge by working on things which interest them.

Each age group starts the morning session with circle time  This is a group session aimed at developing the children's concentration.  With the younger age group it is for a shorter period of time.  The children talk about the weather and days of the week.  They also discuss the topic and basic counting, shapes and colours. 

preschool room pic

The older children also have topic-related activities which cover EYFS 7 areas of learning (see aims).  They develop concentration and work on their pre-reading and writing skills. The session always ends with a poem or story usually related to the theme. Circle time is followed by drinks and a snack.  The children choose from water or milk for their meal. They are encouraged to pour their own drinks and they also have the choice of fruit or savoury snacks.

Each day a craft or messy activity is offered.  During dry weather and summer, a lot of activities take place outdoors than during the wet weather or winter. 


16 (2)


The outside areas are split to ensure the children have a variety of experiences. During each session, our team ensures that the children have as much fresh air as possible. 

The children will have free access to the outdoors where they can play, explore, make music, ride tricycle and so on, while been supervised all the time by members of staff.

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